Drawer cabinet systems

You want to equip and furnish your workplace? …with our attractive cupboards you create order down to the smallest detail.

Drawer cabinets for workplace, storage and factory

Drawer cabinets allow space-optimised and secure storage of small parts that require access control – such as hammer, pliers, protective gloves, power tools, accessories. The modular design of the tool cabinets gives the user maximum flexibility. Our drawer cabinets are available in a wide range of designs for workplace, storage and factory use. The range extends from ready-configured cabinets to a large selection of individual parts.

Our products feature an environmentally friendly powder coating

As a result, the drawer cabinet can be adapted to your own taste or corporate design with 15 standard colours in RAL shades. Whether reseda green with yellow front colour or a more neutral light grey - you choose a two-colour coating from the 15 standard colours in an environmentally friendly coating process. The standard colour shades are included in the price. The following are the different colour variations: RAL 1023 - Traffic yellow, RAL 3003 - ruby red, RAL 3020 - traffic red, RAL 5012 - light blue, RAL 5010 - gentian blue, RAL 5002 - ultramarine blue, RAL 5005 - signal blue, RAL 5013 - cobalt blue, RAL 6011 - reseda green, RAL 6018 - yellow green, RAL 7016 - anthracite grey , RAL 7035 - light grey, RAL 7040 - window grey, RAL 9005 - jet black, RAL 9010 - pure white

Short delivery times of the cabinet systems in the quick delivery programme

Consistent digitalisation from online configuration to virtual planning of complete factory halls and transfer of data to production with delivery and assembly reduce delivery times to a minimum. For example, the cabinets are dispatched in the fast delivery programme, marked with "Express 72h", after 72 hours in the product colours: Housing RAL 7035 light grey and fronts RAL 5012 light blue.

How do you configure your desired workplace cabinet?

In just a few steps, you can almost playfully find the furnishing of your choice. After choosing the basic cabinet type (stationary or mobile), the second step is to choose the required cabinet dimensions. Simply select the desired base area with the corresponding housing depths and widths of the T500 or T736 series as well as one of the usable heights and you will have the enclosure of your choice. The next step is to look at the "inner values" of the new cabinet, especially the selectable front heights and load capacities of the drawers. After all, it makes a difference whether the user wants to deposit packaging with small parts or machine parts and CNC tools.

What are the quality features of our workplace cabinets from the Black Forest?

Important information on quality features "Made in Germany", such as the fact that the body offers 1,200 kg load-bearing capacity, a frame-reinforced, very stable housing and a welded sheet steel construction, can be found in our detailed item descriptions. Our manufacture exclusively takes place in Germany.

How do you create more order with extensive accessories?

All cabinet series include extensive accessories such as fitting small parts bins and dividers with 6 to 18 compartments as well as trays, ribbed rubber and anti-slip mats. The drawers are equipped in such a way that everything finds its fixed place in a clearly arranged manner. Foam tool inserts serve for optimal findability. These are available including a wide range of tools. The untreated foam inserts can also be individually cut out.

How do you keep your valuable items safe in our cabinets?

All series offer secure central locking with "B+H locking system" as standard, and are theft-proof. From standard equipment to keyed alike to combination locking systems, various options are available. For example, one key can be used to manage only one specific cabinet, one key can be used to manage several cabinets, or one master key can be used to manage several cabinets with different locks. For those who want to create individual access options or even integrate the drawer cabinet into their time recording system, have a choice of e-lock systems in addition to normal cylinder locks. Electronic locking systems not only offer a high level of security, but also a great level of comfort. With the digital solution, access authorisations can be regulated, extended or withdrawn simply and quickly. In addition, you no longer need a key to open the door, so there is no need for key management.The electronic lock is simply opened via a corresponding digital signal, for example by a chip card or code, for persons authorised to access the lock.

Which load capacity for which drawer? We always have the right solution.

Our drawers - professional solution for practical use and high loads. Only drawers with full extension pull-out and a load capacity of 50 to 300 kg can be selected to fulfil the highest demands in terms of quality, performance and durability. To use the storage space as efficiently as possible, all drawers are equipped with a 100% full-extension pull-out as standard. Increased tilt resistance due to single drawer extension, only one drawer can be opened.

How to choose the right material cabinet for your requirement?

Not every cabinet corresponds to the requirements for workshop, storage and factory. Therefore, our cabinets are made with solid sheet steel,they offer optimal storage space and are perfectly suited for handling heavy tools, work and factory equipment. The two series T500 and T736 differ by different depths, loads and their nature. The T500 series a very space-saving and convenient solution for lighter and small tools, while the T736 series is much more stable and resilient due to higher load capacities. For high-quality measuring instruments, milling cutter and drills, the TSM® (Tool Server Modular) was developed. It is an intelligent goods and tool dispenser geared towards the self-organised logistics of Industry 4.0.

Due to our optimal planning you will achieve short delivery times of your drawer cabinet system.

We rely on the broad use of digital technologies. You can configure your cabinet systems online or plan and design the furnishing of a complete factory hall. Professional interfaces ensure that the planning subsequently appears three-dimensionally on your screen. The data is transferred directly to production and accompanies the manufacture of the cabinets and workbenches throughout, from cutting the sheet metal to assembly, delivery and furnishing. The desired effect: a significant reduction in delivery times.

Do you want to have an intelligent goods and tool dispensery?

In this case, the TSM® (Tool Server Modular®) is exactly the right solution - an intelligent goods and tool dispenser that is designed for the self-organised logistics of Industry 4.0. The new HiPerCab® (High Performance Cabinet) drawer cabinets are less technical, but just as user-friendly as they are relentless against unauthorised persons. The intuitive touch screen guides the user simply and directly to the right drawer, where what you are looking for is safely stored and presented to you. However, anyone who cannot identify themselves will not be granted access.