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Ideally suited for the disposal of metal, wood and plastic residues from production, the stable, watertight dump trucks can be equipped with a sieve bottom and ball valve for draining liquids. A drop safety device prevents unintentional tilting of the sheet metal box. All wheels have solid rubber tyres and ball bearings for easy running.

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Long-lasting welded steel construction with tilting bin made from 2 mm sheet steel, watertight version also available.

600-litre trolley is reinforced with round tube. Load-bearing chassis of channel steel, forklift pockets made from enclosed hollow structural steel profiles 120 x 60 x 3 mm or 160 x 90 x 4.5 mm.


  • Axle: Ø 25 mm
  • Axle wheels: Ø 250 mm
  • Steering caster: Ø 200 mm

All wheels have solid rubber tyres and are mounted on ball-bearings for smooth running. For size 600 l with elastic tyres.

Large shatterproof wheels

with bolted sheet steel rim Wheel dia. 250 mm, wheel width 60 mm for dia. 25 mm axle


Forged drop guard

prevents accidental tipping of the bin.

Forklift pockets in two dimensions

Internal dimensions 114 x 54 mm or 150 x 80 mm
With full lock (for secure positioning) as standard.
For reasons of space, not possible for 250-litre version type B

Securing chain

prevents the trolley from sliding away during accidental inclination of the forklift masts.


  • Total length approx. 1000 mm
  • Available for surcharge