Do you value quality? We say what this has to do with sustainability.

At Bedrunka + Hirth, we are particularly proud of the quality of our "Made in Germany" products. We are aware that our own quality standards are continually adjusted by you, our customers. You say what overall performance from quality, product characteristics and service we have to achieve. The constant exchange about it, in advice, in personal conversation, is very important to us.

You can rely on this: We only use high-quality steel sheets and steel tubes for the manufacture of our cabinets, workbenches and modular shelving solutions. The product design follows changing requirements. In this way, we further develop ergonomic workplace systems, offer "intelligent” computer-controlled goods and tool storage systems and equip cupboards with electronic and customizable locking systems. Because we attach great importance to details, we make pull-outs particularly quiet. We grant a 10-year quality guarantee on the material and manufacture of our own Bedrunka + Hirth products. Of course, we guarantee that our cabinets have a depth of "736" and have been tested by TÜV.

We want our robust and durable cabinets, workbenches and storage systems to be in use for a long time. Because sustainability is the actual commandment for us as we want to produce in a future-oriented way. For us, sustainability also means in our own production that priority is given to multiple uses or recycling, that resource conservation and efficiency are given priority when selecting products, and that waste prevention and separation is taken into account. The consistent focus of our actions on this is an important piece of future strategy.

It is therefore important to us to convince you again and again of the quality and value of our products and services.