CNC cabinets

Hinged door cabinets with or without viewing window, attachment or tall cabinets with roller shutter and the optional electrically operated RotaRex® cabinet optimise work processes: all CNC tools are within reach.


CNC hinged door cabinet

  • Robust, welded sheet steel construction
  • Resistant powder coating
  • Drawers with full pull-out 100 %
  • Solid sheet doors with moulded recess cylinder lock
  • When using drawers and pull-outs, the opening angle must be 130°

CNC RotaRex® large cabinet

Your advantages

  • Barrier-free access to the cabinet - no impairment by pull-outs
  • Space-saving - high quantity of inserts with minimal storage area, up to 400x SK30 or up to 300x SK40 tools fit in 1m2
  • Optimised work process as all tools are quickly within reach
  • Opening/usable height: 1790 mm
  • Forklift base for transport; Warning! RotaRex® must not be transported when loaded!


Roller shutters

  • The electrically driven roller shutter is operated by remote control
  • Alternatively possible with spring-loaded shaft or hinged doors
  • Multiple cabinets can be opened simultaneously with one remote control (on request)
  • Aluminium-coloured plastic slats
  • In case of a power failure or technical defect, emergency unlocking is provided on the rear of the cabinet


  • Precision steel tube, Ø 60 mm
  • Galvanized
  • Total load 1.5 t
  • For holding up to 5 CNC rotating frames individually adjustable on a grid of 25 mm
  • Individual readjustment of the column position thanks to a tongue on the bottom

Product variants