Fire brigade cabinets

The fire brigade cabinets were designed in close collaboration with experienced specialists. The technology is state of the art, and the cabinets enable the storage of all personal items of equipment.


[Translate to EN:] Feuerwehrschrank
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price plus vat start price 389,00 € recommended retail price
  • ƒEnough space to store firefighting clothing due to height of 1850 mm
  • ƒƒOptimal depth of 500 and 600 mm
  • ƒƒLong-lasting steel construction
  • ƒƒDifferent dimensions and compartment widths can be chosen
  • ƒƒNumerous object-related substructure variants possible
  • ƒƒSafe valuables compartment (door does not protrude out of the housing)
  • ƒƒCombination lock for surcharge (basic equipment includes cylinder lock with 2 kes)
  • ƒƒAdjusting screws level-adjustable from inside
  • ƒƒIncreased corrosion protection for the cabinet thanks to plastic cabinet feet