The human being in the centre - the technology assists.

We are certified

In cooperation with CHARTA, a modern network for companies, and the Institute for Social Research and Organizational Consulting, we have developed a concept for "healthy working". Work, family, social activities and leisure should be kept in balance wherever possible and should not hinder each other, but ideally support each other. Ergonomics at the workplace, nutrition, exercise and team spirit are the most important building blocks in a company that require healthy working. As we have fulfilled these and other requirements, we have been certified according to DIN EN ISO 6385.


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Ergonomics is the science of the legality of human work. The aim is to create suitable conditions for human work and the use of technical equipment and tools, i.e. efficient and error-free performance of work and protection of employees against health hazards. The focus here is on occupational safety and health, but also on humanity and economic efficiency.

According to our philosophy

Working spaces are living spaces - this is where people spend a large part of their time of the day. Bedrunka+Hirth's modular workstation systems offer ideal conditions for pleasant and efficient working - designed according to ergonomic aspects with regard to people and technology. Bedrunka+Hirth uses the latest ergonomic findings in workplace design to ensure that work is carried out safely and smoothly and to optimise the employees' daily working environment.

Workplace checklists

In order to optimise the workplace, we at Bedrunka+Hirth have created checklists for our own employees and our specialist retailer in order to offer precisely the solution you need. A lack of exercise, poor-quality workstations and incorrect sitting positions can result in unhealthy changes to the musculoskeletal system. That’s why postures and movements should be coordinated to the size of the worker’s body. It is generally unusual for only one employee to work at a workstation. Instead, different working time systems (such as night shift, part-time, etc.) mean that several employees can work at a workstation, placing great importance on ergonomics.


  • Constant repetition of the design standard
  • Safe and fast aid for the planner
  • No question is forgotten during execution and planning
  • The work task, e.g. "Assembly valve", is specified by the planner in the form of a work plan.