Using workspaces with individual planning from Bedrunka+Hirth

Individual solutions

Apart from the standard programme, we can also manufacture customer-specific installations at any time. Object plannings with proposals are provided with 3D drawings already in your corporate colours. Our field sales team and object consultants are available at all times for competent advice.

Professional installations

he planning program we use is the ideal concept and design tool for fast, efficient, three-dimensional modelling and presentation. Seamless data transfer in the DWG/DXF format is guaranteed by professional import/export interfaces. You can look at 3D data by downloading a viewer free of charge.

Free, flexible designs are mostly automatically produced to implement your requirements, layouts, size and colour choice with creativity and dynamism. By building up an extensive library, we are in a position to visualise your ideas and suggestions quickly and easily in 3D.

We offer a professional solution for which there is no alternative. Can you visualise what that could look like? Let us show you.


We offer

  • ƒObject consulting acc. to situation analysis
  • ƒƒReduction to the essentials
  • ƒƒImplementation according to individual requirements
  • ƒƒAdaptation to spatial circumstances
  • ƒƒTime savings through fast implementation
  • ƒƒRealistic presentation of complex designsand design tasks
  • ƒƒImpressive presentations and slide shows
  • ƒƒA detailed 3D preview

Technical support

  • ƒ3D AutoCAD "Inventor"
  • ƒƒ3D planning drawing program: for sales with integrated database
  • ƒƒSketchUp8 Professional for exhibition planning, spatial planning, 3D library
  • ƒƒSimlab Soft - 3D software done right
  • ƒƒpCon planner and pConBox