Assembly staff for your complete installation all over Europe

Our products are ISO certified and identical in the standard version, but the spatial conditions at our customers are always different. Therefore, customer-related solutions are often assembled by one of our assembly teams and readjusted for you as required. After all, everything should be perfectly coordinated. Questions may arise, and requests for changes may arise that make reorders necessary.

Good to know that you can request our qualified assembly team to set up and assemble your new operating equipment. With an absolutely nerve-saving combination of product know-how, experience and craftsmanship, our assemblers find a solution for everything. This is not only very convenient for you, it is also usually much faster than if you had to lend a hand yourself.

Because whether a different angle is needed or a side panel needs to be adjusted, whether a new drawing has to be created or design changes are required - our assembly team quickly recognizes where the problem is and how to fix it. One call to our design, sales or production department is often enough to order the right attachments or to procure spare parts. Our assembly team solves potential problems before you even notice them. This is not an indication, but is documented precisely by our quality management every year: Our assembly team comes with the proverbial "white vest". It works quickly and accurately!

On-site assembly

We can offer complete installation with delivery, setup and assembly on the spot. Many tables and top parts must be fitted on-site. This task would unnecessarily engage your employees. Our experienced assembly teams can solve minor problems such as uneven floors etc. on the spot.

We offer installation and commissioning, including of electronics cabinets, and employee training.