Industrial equipment for training workshops and public institutions

Nowadays, apprenticeship positions must be designed attractively . In the competition between companies for the best trainees, training workshops equipped with the latest technology can be advantageous.

Planning is the basis of every individual furnishing. To give you, the customer, a clear idea of what your workshop will look like later on and whether work processes are correctly described, all objects such as workbenches, cabinets and machines are exactly recreated in our planning programs. Equipment and planning scenes can be visualized not only as images, but also as films. If everything is as desired, the products are ordered, delivered and installed.
Whether for tools or small parts - with steel ball guides and a load capacity of up to 200 kg, our drawers keep the workplace organised. This is a particularly important aspect for a training workshop. Hexagon workbenches are often set up as more central group workplaces.