workalu® - The adaptable

The workalu® has the ability to grow with the diversity of the workplace. Due to the flexible application possibilities of the aluminum profile as well as the numerous accessories, the workstation can be expanded at any time. This creates an optimal reach space, which is essential from an ergonomic point of view.


  • High combination variety due to the modular system
  • Quick and easy combination options of all
  • Table variants and accessories
  • Quick and easy profile shifting with corner joints, double-sided racks and add-on modules
  • Extensive range of accessories, current accessories can be combined with new workalu® series
  • Variable and infinitely variable lengthwise to the profile in groove

Characteristics and advantages of aluminum profiles

  • Modular, one plug-in system for all requirements
  • No drilling. The profiles are already cut and provided to you for easy self-assembly
  • Non-magnetic or magnetizable
  • The surface of the aluminum profile is anodized and therefore not electrically conductive. It serves as electrical isolation.
  • With correct contacting, the aluminum profile has good electrical conductivity. The contact is made via the front side of the profile on which there is no anodized layer.
  • Very light due to its low density 2.71 g/cm³, which is about one third of the weight of steel
  • Highly corrosion resistant
  • Hygienic, easy to clean

4-foot tables

  • workalu® 4-foot table with multi-board setup

C-foot tables

  • workalu® C-foot with multi-board setup


Expand your work surface with the "Montage-Fix". The tray is simply hooked into the groove of the aluminum strut.


  • Plug-in system for aluminum profiles
  • Quick and flexible attachment in the groove
  • Easy handling
  • Versatile workplace design
  • Quick and easy to stow after use
  • 12 kg load capacity per tray