powerline 4 - Height-adjustable heavy load table with 4-foot

Thanks to its electric height adjustment, the powerline moves virtually silently to the required working height in a range of 705-1155 mm. The vertical travel speed is 9 mm/s without load. Thus, the powerline creates a flexible seated/standing workplace without long waiting times. The 4-foot variant boasts a load capacity of up to 900 kg.


  • Feet with levelling
  • Drive: Internal DC drive with built-in end switches and two synchronous Hall effect sensors
  • Duty cycle: After adopting the required working height (2 minutes ON), the system goes into a resting period (18 minutes OFF). The position can then be changed again.
  • Connection: 230 V | Drive motor: 24 V

Features at a glance

  • Retrofittable: Multi-board setup or stand and optional accessories such as foot switch
  • Energy: Direct supply of lighting, energy, compressed air
  • Frame widths: 1500, 2000 mm
  • Frame depth: 900 mm
  • Travel speed: 9 mm/s without load
  • Work height without worktop: 705 – 1155 mm | Vertical travel: 450 mm
  • Height adjustment: Electric height adjustment
  • Frame design: 4-foot
  • Load capacity: 900 kg with even load

Product variants