Workplace systems

Solutions for your equipment:


Bedrunka+Hirth workplace systems provide ideal conditions for comfortable work and project-related solutions. Module installation is simple and easy thanks to plug-in and mounting devices.


The base modules of the workstation series can be combined with each other or expanded, can be adapted to the work requirements, and can be adjusted to ensure optimal use of space. Assembly lines, U- or cross-formations and linking between workstations can also be implemented. The different module widths, lengths and heights result in a unique variety and maximum flexibility in the design of one-sided or duplex workstations. The systems can be assembled individually in a modular system according to your requirements.


Height adjustment is done steplessly using clamp fixing, crank or motor, or in 38 mm steps, and is therefore ideally suited for standing and sitting activities.


Furthermore, these unique Bedrunka+Hirth products feature a wide range of accessories, and are compatible with many of our multi-board accessories. These products ensure the perfect assembly of the workplace, including excellent illumination of the work surface, in every location. Direct supply of energy and compressed air allows versatile use of the workstation.


B+H workplace systems workraster, workline, workergo, workalu, powerline:

  • Capacity with evenly distributed load up to 900 kg
  • The modules are available in
    • Widths 750 - 2000 mm
    • Depths 550 - 1460 mm
    • Heights 700 - 2070 mm