Workbenches and multi-board setup

Multi-board – suitable for all workplaces


Your advantages

  • Custom arrangement options
  • Combinations in different dimensions freely configurable
  • Suitable for all worktop designs and thicknesses
  • Very stable construction, which the various accessories or special solutions can be attached to
  • Individuality and arrangement can be implemented completely according to customer requirements
  • The right solution for every application
  • Lighting and carriage mounted extremely easily, providing ergonomic working conditions
  • Power supplied directly at the workplaceAdditional parts can attached and existing parts can be converted for modified working conditions
  • Eco-friendly painting procedure

Our features

  • Modular system
  • Two different fastening systems
  • Perforated and slotted profiles – reinforced and welded
  • Heights: 650, 950, 1250 & 1550 mm
    Widths: 700, 1000, 1500 & 2000 mm
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Attachment of overhead frames with equipment rails possible
  • Electricity and compressed air supplied via energy ducts
  • Convertible and retrofittable at any time
  • All parts available in 15 standard colours

Support column profiles


The U-profile tube-reinforced support column profiles are simply mounted on the worktops and accommodate the add-on components.


Multi-board accessories

Perforated walls, floors, container supports and various swivel arm components can be freely positioned on the support column profiles.

Power supply

The construction of individual energy components is carried out completely according to customer requirements. Three different energy channel lengths are available.


The lighting requirements at individual workplaces are varied and require variable solutions that promote health.

Other accessories

Many other practical components facilitate the gripping and visual task at the individually configurable, modern workplace.

Product variants