New: e-workdrive

The back-friendly solution for ergonomic working

The electric drive of the mobile workbench, which can be switched on as required, enables fast and effortless starting, even with heavy loads, and can thus accelerate operations. Above all, however, it relieves strain on employees: the e-workdrive prevents discomfort to the neck, shoulders and wrists and reduces the number of absences caused by illness.


Ergonomic operation

  • Operation via a button on the ergonomically designed handle
  • System and battery status can be read off the LED display
  • User-friendly installation in the case of retrofitting
  • Continuously variable speed adjustment, max. speed 4 km/h

High durability

  • The rechargeable battery can be switched on/off via a key
  • With a fully charged battery and a maximum load capacity of 400 kg, approx. 200 driving cycles are possible

Flexible use

  • The starting aid can be switched on as required. In Standby mode, the module has no ground contact

Improved driving stability

  • Fifth wheel for improved cornering stability and directional stability on long distances

Optimal ground contact

  • Uneven floors are compensated by the optimal ground contact of the caster


Healthy employees

  • Heavy loads can be moved effortlessly. This prevents physical problems in the neck, back, shoulders and wrists.


Practical system solution

  • Easy to integrate system solution, consisting of drive unit, control module, manual control unit, battery, charger and mounting set

Accelerated processes

  • Since high loads can be moved faster, work processes are accelerated