TSM® Tool-Server-Modular

The TSM® TOOL-SERVER-MODULAR is the technical innovation in tool dispensing.

Automation in the area of tool management is constantly advancing. The Tool-Server-Modular lets you enjoy much leaner and more efficient tool management. The costs of providing, managing and using tools and small materials are significantly reduced by using our tool storage system.
Increased competition in the manufacturing industry is leading to greater cost pressure and forcing companies to consider optimising their production processes. Only companies with professional resource logistics can ensure a smooth and therefore economic production process.

Our fully automated tool dispensing system supports you on your way to professional tool management.

We meet your requirements with a modular drawer concept. Up to 100 modules can be connected to each other in every conceivable combination, accessible online around the clock by means of a chip card or PIN. Extensive lists and analyses which enable the tracing of tool consumption and user withdrawals are also available. The reporting software enables user-friendly evaluation of the collected data. A modern touchscreen and simple software dialogue boxes create a convenient way of working. The industrial PC is dust-protected to IP60, works without fans and is ideally suited for applications in tough manufacturing environments.

When developing the TSM®, a lot of attention was paid to creating a modern yet classic design. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, the consistent application of aluminium decorative elements with a polished finish, the TSM® is a real eye-catcher. Well-developed service allows rapid deployment of the system with customers.


TSM®: the most advanced tool dispensing system, a product made in Germany.

Your advantages:

  • High user friendliness
  • Guaranteed stock levels
  • Customised subdivision, including with single covers
  • Unlocked drawer and cover is displayed on the LCD display
  • Dispensing to authorised persons only
  • Reduction in personnel costs
  • 24-hour connection possible to any ERP systems
  • Can be used where access control is required
  • Diverse variations
  • Up to 100 modules can be combined with each other to suit your needs
  • System is operated autonomously with its own processor unit
  • Individual access restrictions
  • Maximum utilisation through the chaotic storage principle
  • Part removal possible
  • No unmanaged drawer stock levels
  • Professional and sorted storage of materials and tools

Product variants