Open fronted storage bin cabinets

Slotted wall cabinets

Open fronted storage bin cabinets
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price plus vat start price 1.129,00 € recommended retail price

Slotted panel cabinets are used where small materials have to be stored in a clear and tidy fashion. No shelves are needed due to the slots in the rear wall. The size 5 to 7 open fronted storage bins are hung directly into the slots.


  • Stable sheet steel construction
  • Impact and scratch resistant plastic coating
  • Rear wall with slots
  • Smooth front panels due to overlay doors
  • Opening angle greater than 200°
  • Full-length bar guide
  • Reinforced doors
  • Doors with windows
  • 3-bolt safety cylinder lock incl. 2 keys
  • Additional group or master key available on request

Large cabinets

Large cabinets
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price plus vat start price 1.625,00 € recommended retail price
  • Long-lasting steel construction with a wide range of different dimensions and box fittings for every purpose
  • Central door reinforcements for high door stability
  • High flexibility of the internal arrangement through adjustability on a 15 mm grid
  • Open fronted storage bins of various sizes, colours and fittings
  • Recessed handle lock with 3-bolt lock in black with 2 keys
  • Door opening angle approx. 180° through external hinges
  • Drawers with telescopic rail guide, full pull-out 100%, 50 kg load capacity per drawer
  • High load capacity per galvanised shelf up to 70 kg (shortened shelves up to 50 kg)