Compartment lockers

Compartment lockers with 2-4 doors on top of each other

  • Solid, welded sheet steel construction
  • Rebated, smooth doors with internal pintles
  • Single-walled
  • Cylinder lock with 2 keys each
  • The 400 mm compartment width is also suitable for motorcycle helmets
  • Available with feet 150 mmm or base 100 mm

Compartment lockers with steel doors and acrylic glass windows

  • Long-lasting steel construction with 3, 4 or 5 compartments on top of each other
  • Optionally with plastic feet (for improved corrosion protection) or with base
  • One cylinder lock with 2 keys per compartment, other types of lock on request
  • The shelves of the compartments are generally in the body colour
  • Doors with Plexiglas inserts for a perfect overview, acrylic glass
  • 3 mm thick, internally firmly adhered

Product variants