Europe-wide educated construction personnel for your complete equipment


We develop and produce by making use of state-of-the-art machinery. In addition to punching/nibbling robots, laser cutting systems and a fully automated bending centre, production is optimised by welding robots. A fully automated powder coating system brings colour to your workplace.


Bedrunka+Hirth is committed to protecting the environment. To ensure the thrifty use of resources such as raw materials, energy and water, we encourage and motivate all employees to use them with a sense of responsibility.  Bedrunka+Hirth avoids harmful environmental risks, reduces waste and complies with all relevant environmental regulations. Moreover, all employees are involved in improving quality and environment-related aspects within the company. We offer our employees ongoing perspectives for the long term.


  • ƒFully automated bending centre
  • ƒƒHydraulic press brake with an automatic tool changer
  • ƒƒNC-controlled guillotine shears
  • ƒƒPunching and notching machines
  • ƒƒCNC-controlled bending machines
  • ƒƒCNC turret press
  • ƒƒLaser machine
  • ƒƒWelding robot
  • ƒƒSpot welding equipment
  • ƒƒFully automated powder coating system with circular conveyor
  • ƒƒAssembly area


We can offer complete installation with delivery, setup and assembly on the spot. Many tables and top parts must be fitted on-site. This task would unnecessarily engage your employees. Our experienced assembly teams can solve minor problems such as uneven floors etc. on the spot.

We offer installation and commissioning, including of electronics cabinets, and employee training.


Technical support

  • ƒ3D AutoCAD "Inventor"
  • ƒƒ3D planning drawing program: for sales with integrated database
  • ƒƒSketchUp8 Professional for exhibition planning, spatial planning, 3D library
  • ƒƒSimlab Soft - 3D software done right
  • ƒƒpCon planner and pConBox